We're committed to helping our communities remain strong and successful.

Not only is it the right thing to do, but our business of taking deposits and making loans places us in a unique position to positively impact our communities at every level. When you bank local and trust us with your savings or checking accounts, we are able to help strengthen the communities we call home.

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Employees use “Casual for a Cause” Days to Donate Thousands of Dollars Locally.

Pulling on a pair of jeans is one way that employees of SCSB raise money for various charities and fundraisers. The idea called, “Casual for a Cause” allows employees to wear jeans to work on Fridays in exchange for a $5 donation toward various local causes. In 2023, SCSB employees raised a total of $8,266 for various causes.

SCSB Staff Raises Money For Adopt-A-Family Program

Many people are in need during the year, but especially around the holidays. This past year the employees of SCSB adopted seven individuals through the West Central Community Action’s annual Adopt-a-Family program.

Did you see SCSB at the Shelby County Fair?

Once again, SCSB proudly participated in the annual Shelby County Fair Parade, clerked the 4-H livestock auction, and sponsored Apple Pie Morning.

In addition, SCSB also donated $3,000 toward construction of the new SC Fair show ring with SCSB employees also donating $220 of their own funds for the show ring as well.

Apple Pie Morning

Apple Pie Morning is the annual apple pie baking contest held during the Shelby County Fair and sponsored by SCSB.

Each year apple pies of all varieties are entered in a contest to win various esteemed titles including “Most Like Mom’s," “Best Aroma” and “Prettiest Pie." Celebrity judges are brought in, and when all the judging is done, pies and ice cream are served to senior citizens while they enjoy vocal entertainment.

Each year around 200 people attend this event and the SC Fair Board is on hand to top off the pie with a scoop of free ice cream. Over the years, nearly 8,000 helpings of pie and ice cream have been served at this annual event!

Pie entries are welcome from people of any age. So, come to the SC Fair for Apple Pie Morning and experience this sweet tradition!

Local elementary students receive money saving lessons on “Teach Children to Save Day.”

Employees of SCSB give a savings lesson to second grade students from Harlan Community Elementary, Shelby County Catholic, AHSTW and Exira EHK Elementary Schools as part of National Teach Children to Save Day every April.

Teach Children to Save Day is a financial education program sponsored by the American Bankers Association Education Foundation. SCSB’s presentations included games and activities about the concept of saving, how interest makes money grow and determining needs and wants.

The purpose of Teach Children to Save Day is for bankers across the nation to visit children in the classroom about responsible money management and as they develop their financial “life skills”.

SCSB also gives annual bank tours and teaches a fifth grade economics lesson on financial stability, various concepts including budgeting, paying yourself first, and the difference between debit and credit.