A savings account club for children 12 and under.

Teaching kids about saving is the first step to their healthy financial future.  When it comes to your child, it is never too little or too late to teach them about saving. That’s why we’re proud to offer the Junior Savers' Club: a children’s savings account that rewards children for saving!

With every deposit of $5 or more by a Junior Savers' Club member, he or she will receive one stamp on a reward card worth 5 points. Once a member obtains 50 points, the card can be redeemed for rewards such as gift cards and toys.

To get your child started, simply open a savings account for them at your local SCSB branch.


Additional Junior Savers' Club Benefits

Free T-shirt

New members will receive a Junior Savers' Club t-shirt at sign-up.

Exclusive Club Activities

Members can participate in coloring contests, scavenger hunts and our annual day at the movies!

Rewards Club Card

Save, collect and redeem points using your Rewards Club Card.